Tips to Choose the Best Boarding Schools in India

Boarding school can make or break your child’s psyche. This is why it is important to choose one carefully. This article will direct the parents how to choose the right one.

As parents, deciding to send your child at a boarding school takes a lot of courage. It can be hard for parents to send their kids far away from home and spend their days in worry if they made the right decision or not []. Even though it may seem heartbreaking to see your little ones feel abandoned at the gates of a school. However, on the other side of that gate lies a life of discipline, education system and the foundations of a successful life ahead.

But how does one choose the schools that will live up to commitment and take parents’ worries off their hands? Before you seek admission in best boarding schools in India [], you should know the following things about choosing the right one.

·         The first and foremost step in boarding school admission process is identification of the schools that make the cut. You want to give your child the same carefree and safe environment outside of it, as you give them at home. Even though this is the boarding school’s responsibility to make these provisions, it is also yours to choose the one that stands up to its words. Start by looking at school websites and understanding the infrastructure that will be provided to your kids at school, safety provisions and other such things that are the top of the decision pyramid.
·         You can bookmark the web addresses of schools that you think have all the necessities you deem essential for your kid’s growth and development. By the end of this exercise, you should have at least 15-20 schools in your list. Write them separately on an excel sheet to start your analysis. Remember, this is just a preliminary stage, so it is not important to know which school is the best one for your child.
·         Now that you have your basic list in place, it is now time to narrow it down. This is going to be time consuming and the most integral step in the process of school selection. This is the reason it is a good idea to have a spreadsheet list. As you work through the list, you can start coding the schools and bring it down to final 3-5 options. Narrowing down process entails that you ask a lot of questions, such as if the school is co-ed or single sex, it is a small school or a large school, what kind of special interests does the school promote, what is the school’s educational model, what are their special needs, and more such questions will be required to get to the bottom of school selection.
·         It is not enough if you look the school. The school has to like you in equal measure to allow your kids to study in their system. You need to determine all that the school is looking for from the parents and the kids in order to consider the admission. This task can be made simpler by taking help of an educational consultant who can guide you through the process.

These steps are just tip of the iceberg when it comes to finalizing the admission. You would also be required to visit the schools in person, prepare your child mentally and do lots more before you are finally ready to send your kid away.

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