A blend of modern education and Gurukul

Admit your child into the best education systems in India. 
School days – the very thought of it evokes cherished memories and reprised dreams in us. The enjoyment and experiences a person had in their school days is irreplaceable. Those beautiful and innocent times will never come back. Don’t we all wish our children had the same happy childhood that we did? Don’t we want them to enjoy school as much as we did?
Look for good schools across India and ensure that your child is imparted the best education available. In ancient times, the popular and sacrosanct ‘Gurukul’ system of education was followed – where the guru and the pupil stayed under one roof, sharing space and learning together. It served a dual purpose – under the aegis of the guru, the pupil learned discipline and being in proximity of education, they gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
The gurukul system of education was a hit. With modernity and western culture, the system got diluted and replaced with western schools. However, despite the mass scale cultural dilution, there are still a few schools in India that follow the gurukul mode with the right amount of modern education technique – making the developing child exposed to the best of both worlds.
Famous educationists and academicians have co-founded top co-educational boarding schools in India, which focus on the overall development of a child. The faculties of a young person is at a developing stage – they are curios and their minds are always racing in search of something new. If fed at the right time and in the right manner, the child’s thirst will be suitable quenched and they will emerge as winners in their respective fields.
In these top boarding schools, focus is placed on mental, educational as well as physical growth of the child. Meals with ample portions are served at regular intervals, there are multiple sports activities, tournaments, various subjects and experts coming in to teach the young ones, picnics and outdoor events organised, in-house plays and theatre workshops, etc. There are a host of things that assist in development of the child.
When you are looking for a school to put your child in, research thoroughly. Schools organised day long trips, wherein you can observe a day in the life of a school. You may spend time in the common room, in the classrooms, take a tour of the library, the grounds, the gym, inspect the sports equipment, the dispensary, interact with the various faculty members, students, etc. Only upon thorough examination of the school will you be able to be in a position to decide whether it is the right place for your child.
Admitting a child to a boarding school is a tough decision. But with the assurance that the school will take care of the child as much as you would have at home, you can place your trust on the school. Hot and nutritious meals, care and concern by the matron, a disciplined life and facilities for physical development – you child will be happy and content with school life. So much so, that they would not want to come back home! Consult peers and look for the top boarding schools in India and get your little one admitted to the best school now!

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